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artsales's Journal

Discounted Commissions and Limited Time Offers!
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Promote Your Discounted Commission Sales and Special Limited Time Offers!
Welcome to Art Sales!

ArtSales is a another new community developed to spread the word on discouted commissions and special limited time offers. We are only for the promotion of these special commissions, so please refrain from posting any full price art! We hope that this community will assist artist sale their expertise as well as help those of you looking for art to get a great deal!

As with all communities, there are some rules in place here. They may change overtime as we find what works and doesn't within our community, but for the meantime:

Please ONLY posts commissions which are discounted from your normal prices. You may post your own special offers or your friend's special offers. You may also make posts looking for a certain kind of commission. But please DO NOT make a post advertising your general commissions. You may make a note of your other commissions at the bottom of your post (such as 'check out my other commissions at...' etc) but your post needs to be primarily for your discounted commissions.

Please do no post raffles or other lotteries where people are paying for a chance at art they may or may not recieve.

While we are mainly aimed at commissions, we will allow the sale of sketches and completed works AS LONG AS THEY ARE AT A DISCOUNTED PRICE. However, we will not allow print sales.

We are not artists_beware or artistrecommend. This is for promotional purposes ONLY. All transactions are private between the buyer and seller and we are not responsible for any difficulties ensuing from agreements made. At no time will a moderator step in and arbitrate any issues between commissioner and artist. However, if we see your name continuously show up in artists_beware or hear many people have had problems receiving their art from you, we do reserve the right to remove you and your posts from the community.

Please post a link to an active gallery with all advertisements. It's a matter of accountability. If you only use your LJ to publicly display your artwork that's fine, but please specify.

Most importantly, no drama! If you do no like an artist, keep it to yourself. We will not tolerate drama and we will remove you if you attempt to start something.

If you're looking for a commission within the $10 price range or under, we reccomend you check out teenycom as well!


Some people have noted that they're seeing double posts in this community and teenycom. I've seen it too, as I'm a member of the other community. We encourage you to posts wherever you like to advertise your wares and sales. However, to keep multiple posts from showing one right after the other on people's friends-list we'd like to ask the following of you.

If you are going to post here and at teenycom, please put one of your posts behind a cut!

If you are putting your post behind a cut here, then we suggesting doing the following:

--Post what you have on sale in the subject title as you have already been. Also include ending dates if these are limited offers.

--Change the text of the lj-cut to list what you are selling and the prices. For example, "Fullbody for $10, Portraits for $5!" or something along those lines. Then please put all your information behind the LJ-cut.

--If you have a small example image, you can post that outside the cut by itself. Keep larger image examples under the cut with your prices and information.