Seeking artist!!

Hello community! I am looking for someone to do the art for two separate tattoo designs. One for me and one for my husband. They need to be done with tattooing in mind, so I would need at the very least line art. Mine will also be done in color, so I would need a quote on color as well. I am looking for a fair amount of detail, though not too many tiny things as tattoos can tend to blur and fade over time.

Both tattoos will be of dragons, one of eastern influence the other of western. Please comment with some examples of work (or a link to your gallery) and pricing. Both tattoo ideas will be provided with a general idea, but will mostly be artistic liberty. (Example: For mine I am looking for an eastern inspired dragon with koi fish attributes/colors in a climbing position. The tattoo will be done on my outer thigh. Colored preferred blue/green or blue/orange highlights, though at artist's discretion.) Though with these commissions, due to the personal nature of them, I would request they not be redistributed or sold (such as prints) to others and do not mind the price reflecting as such. (I'd encourage the artist to display them in their own galleries and portfolios, of course, as is their right!)

I am also looking for these to both be finished by the end of the month, as some time next month we intend to go to the tattoo artist to get them done. Once again, please post examples or links to your gallery and prices!
Art by Layne!

Last day to request a free icon~!

Hi, everyone!

It's the last day to request a free icon for Icon Day 05! Come in and request an icon in exchange for a signal boost. Everyone's icons start out as sketches. With every tip, we unlock group incentives such as inked, flat colored, shaded, and extra icons. Tip certain amounts and you can upgrade your icon from 100x100 to an ACEO, full body illustration, or digital painting. Woah!

Request on DreamWidth (preferred)
Request on Livejournal

People who tip any amount until July 14, 2014 are still guaranteed an icon. :D

Our current tip tally is at $33.57, so close to unlocking inked icons for all at $50!

Spread the word, and let's have another great icon day! Thank you so much as always for your support! ♥
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Monday Sale! $1 Icons

Skipped last Monday because I am doing 6 day work weeks...

Today I am doing $1 custom icons!
Unlimited slots!
Offer good until
12:01 am 4/8/2014, PST

Send orders to:
Tips appreciated! :D


Ciss 2- By me

! $6 Basic Colored Busts ! [ 3/3 slots ]

Right now I want to try something so, just for livejournal and Weasyl I will be making a sale. For only these two sites I will make the sale, $6 basic colored busts! They are usually $16 but for those that get the slots they will be only $6. All you have to do is send me a message here, on my Weasyl or send me an email to

There will be 3 slots. I will update when slots gets taken.

They will look like this:

OC- A look can killOC- That feeling of awk-2ZoA- Era bust Training copy

$3.42 headshot sketches!

2014_headshot doodles

Please include this info in your pm:

Character's name:
Type of expression(s):
3 words about his/her personality:
[please include images of at least 500-800 pixels in width, as my eyesight is very, very poor]

You'll receive a 300 dpi, ~600 pixels in width doodle ;u; These take about 10-20 minutes to complete, so the turn-around time is 1 day or less ^^

Payment will be accepted with either PayPal,, or dA points (300).

Thank you so much for looking!