Sale of the arts!!

Decided to have a community special! I will be doing chibi's and small character portraits for 5$ off, leaving them at only 15$! And my large character portraits as well as my full illustrations will be 10$ off! This will make the large portraits 20$ and the illustrations 25$!

Character Portait example:

Chibi Example:

Large Portait example:


I also have a regular priced 10$ bust!

Feel free to comment here, message me on FA, Weasyl, or email me at dragons.art90 at gmail dot com.
Simply state this is an art sales community special commission!



I also have a NSFW YCH collab with another artist on FA!
dance - magic - dance

$20 pin-ups (that's 50% off)

I didn't see anything in the info about linking to nsfw/adult commissions?? please correct me if I'm wrong! actual content of this post is sfw though.

  • I recently made a separate FA account for nsfw drawings and would like to fluff up that gallery some, so I'm taking a couple commissions for half price!  the price only applies to pin-up type poses, so I'm happy to put clothes on the character but it should still be ~sexy~. at least in theory. I try.

  • I'll also very happily do humans if you like! you can see what my work looks like over at my art tumblr (link should be mostly sfw!) and my adult stuff at my nsfw art tumblr (link is obviously NSFW). usernames are the same at FurAffinity.

  • PAYPAL please! and feel free to leave any questions in a comment here, but to actually conduct business shoot me an email at sunnybunch(a)

  • I am open for regular-price general commissions as well if you're interested.

  • will edit this post when both slots are filled~

Art by Layne!

Icon Day 06: Moving Out Fundraiser Edition

Hello! I am now holding Icon Day 06 to help me raise funds to move out of my currently toxic living situation. Everybody is welcome to request a free icon! Requests will be open until January 1, 2014. Tipping any amount over $1 will also quality you for any of the group tip incentives. :)

I've also got individual tip incentives, including ACEOS/art cards, 20-icon sheets (for $100!), as well as huge discounts on my usual digital painting prices, which will be counted in the tip tally. I'm also raffling off one extra icon for everybody who signal boosts, with each unique signal boost per platform counting as one entry.

If you are interested in other ways to help, please see my main page for my Moving Out Fundraiser.

Every dollar helps me get one step closer to moving out and healing. Thank you so much, and please spread the word!
  • kielara

$5 blinking icons!


I'm trying to get some money to buy a vita D: sooo I'm selling animated icons like these for $5 a pop!(+$1 or 2 extra if you have a complex character maybe)

payment through paypal only please!

if you're interested, you can shoot me a note at DA or FA, or email me at

I'll be taking a lot of these and will delete this post when i'm full!